Our Vision

Welcome to Affordable Pet Care. Let us take a moment to explain our business model. With the tough economic times it seems clients are having a tougher time providing their beloved pets the same level of veterinary care that they could afford in the past.   Due to this, we have seen more and more clients seeking discount veterinary service to provide routine well care to their pets by using parking lot vaccine clinics and low cost spay/neuter facilities.   It is obvious that these models can offer lower cost veterinary service but what will you do if your pet develops a problem after receiving a vaccine or your pet has a surgical complication post surgery when these guys have packed up and moved on or closed their doors.   You are on your own to find an animal hospital to help your pets problems.  It is these issues that gave birth to our new idea and model.

Affordable pet care is a pet wellness clinic. We are here to help you take care of your pets routine wellness needs.  We offer such services as vaccinations, simple tests for internal and external parasites, skin infections, urinary problems, respiratory infections as well as sell the common needed prescriptions needed to treat and/or prevent the above problems.

Now what happens when your pet needs services that we do not offer?  Well, we have addressed that issue by creating an intimate working relationship with Cedar Park Animal Clinic. We will use their facility for surgeries, x-rays, diagnostic work ups, and hospitalization. We can schedule appointments for your pets there and be able to monitor their diagnostics and treatment progress from either location.

Our goal is to be able to provide you and your pet the best veterinary care available as well as helping you keep your budget under control.

Come see the Best Vets and give your Wallet a Rest

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