Comprehensive Exam

A complete physical exam we feel is the most important part of good well care.  It is important to do on new puppies and kittens to look for any birth defects or neonatal disease can need to be addressed early in life as well as making your sure you are bringing a healthy puppy or kitten into your that will be exposed to you and your family.  As your pet grows into adult hood, we like to do a complete exam once a year to make sure that are maintaining their health and always being on the lookout for early signs of disease or problems.  This should be done before exposing your pet to vaccines or other medications.  As your pet starts into their golden years, then a complete exam every 6-12 mo becomes even more important.  They can age so much faster than their human counterparts and it is imperative to identify disease at the earliest point to allow for the best chance for preserve a high quality of life.  During this phase of life, we like to incorporate periodic blood testing as well to monitor organ function.

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