Congratulations on the addition of a puppy to your home.  This is a crucial time to get your puppy started on the right path.  Good veterinary care and appropriate vaccinations are important at this life stage to protect your new puppy and help the puppy grow into a strong and healthy adult.  Below is list of our protocol for new puppies.

Core Needs

6-8 weeks of age

1st vet visit: Comprehensive wellness exam, fecal test, deworming, 1st vaccine with a DHPP, start puppy on appropriate heartworm prevention and flea control.

10-12 weeks of age

2nd visit:  2nd Deworming, 2nd vaccine (booster) to DHPP,  send home 2nd dose of heartworm prevention / flea control

14-16 weeks of age

3rd visit:  3 vaccine (booster) to DHPP,  Give 1st vaccine for Rabies, continue on heartworm prevention / flea control

20-24 weeks of age

4th visit:  Parvo Vaccine, Pre Operative / Wellness Blood Panel, Spay or Neuter (Surgery to be preformed at CPAC)Microchip Implantation, and a years prescription of heartworm prevention / flea control.


After the 4th visit, puppies can be seen on a 6 mo to 12 mo interval and next vaccination visit would be 12 months after the initial rabies vaccine date.


Situational Needs: You may clink on the item and link to page specific detailed description of each item

Leptospirosis (Letpo)



Bordetella (Kennel Cough)




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