Adult Cats

We feel a cat is viewed as an adult from the age of 1 year to 8 years of age, and they tend to fit into one of two categories.  Indoor vs outdoor.  The following is our recommendations for annual well care for these two groups of adult cats.


Indoor Cats: (Never goes outside)


Outdoor Cats: (Spends some or all of its time outdoors)



– On cats receiving more than two vaccines it is ideal to split those over multiply visits with doing 2 vaccines per visit and separate the visits by two weeks or more

– These above protocols are a starting place and can be modified to fit any pets specific needs.

-If you have an adult outdoor cat that needs be vaccinated for either Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS and has every had these vaccines before or is not current on these vaccines, then we recommend a Felv/FIV blood test prior to vaccination.

-For outdoor cats we also recommend year around heartworm prevention and flea control.


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